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My personal revolution has begun. i will

Home Recent Discussions Search. OMAD Revolution! Hello, I have just begun the fasting approach, I cannot believe I never thought of this before really. I used to do it all the time growing up without even thinking about it, I was just too busy playing and stuff, and then I would come home eat a big meal for supper, and watch TV, and go to bed.

My well meaning family would scold me for doing this, because everyone needs to eat 3 times a day to be healthy, right? But I had lots of energy and was thin. I thought it was merely because I was young and active. Then I got my drivers licence, and soon was driving everywhere I used to bike or walk.

Plus it gave me access to go eat anywhere whenever I wanted. Soon I got older and my habits got worse. And i got more and more overweight. My wake up call was pain. That left me not walking quite normal, but good enough, but the extra weight eventually wore out my hip joints so I could barely walk at Plus no energy, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and possible pre diabetes symptoms started to drag me down.

I tried every diet plan out there, I had some success, then I would not be able to stay on it. It was looking like I would have to get hip replacements soon, that motivated me to try one last time. I did a whole foods, plant based plan, and it started out good, I lost enough weight to keep from having hip surgery, and felt much better for a while. But lately, I am eating too much and too often, even though it is healthy food.

I am a courier who is driving 10 plus hours every weekday, so I am eating meals in my car. I would sometimes get sick of eating cold veggies and grains, and splurge at taco Bell, or I would just be too tired in the morning to prepare my meals for the day. Lately I have put some of my weight back on, and my hips are starting to scream at me again. Plus, I get extremely fatigued and sleepy around pm. Another problem was with the high volume of high fiber, low calorie veggies I was eating, I was always having to sit on the toilet, having to go times a day sometimes which really messes up my day.

I just gave up on the plant based approach, and was looking into giving paleo diet another shot, and was watching some you tube to get started, when I found some topics on Intermittent fasting.

Hmmmm interesting. I have not tried that yet. I was terrified of missing meals, I thought I would spin out of control and hit the buffet and just pig out. I listened to lots on the topic while driving for work, and the reasoning and science seemed to make enough sense, so I dove in on Thursday.

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I skipped breakfast! OMG everyone needs breakfast right? I had a lunch around 3 pm. I noticed I didn't get drowsy at like usual. I had a small dinner when I went out with friends.

I stayed out pretty late, so I slept in in the morning, determined to do the same thing. I skipped breakfast again, but was stressed out wondering what to eat for lunch. I listened to more you tubes about fasting to keep me going and found some that talked about eating only one meal a day!

That seemed way to radical to me! But as i listened, it seemed to make more sense, and I decided to go the whole day without eating til i got home.

I ended up having to work late, so my fast lasted 25 hours!We are living in unprecedented times — and in this moment of complete uncertainty and trauma, we must prioritize our mental health. As a nation, we have been forced to recognize, and reckon with, the harsh reality of police brutality and systemic racism. We are constantly presented with disturbing images of death and injustice against Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color. Many people, especially people of color, are enduring an influx in post-traumatic stress on top of experiencing the social aggressions associated with racism.

The media has exacerbated these stressors by bombarding us with primarily negative information: the rolling COVID death count, an uptick in hate crimesmass unemployment, constant disappointment in legislative advancements for police reform — like ending qualified immunity — and seeking justice for those murdered by the police.

Fear of the future is a very real thing for many people as we contend with these harsh realities. As a survivor of a school shooting, and a Black man in America, I have endured severe emotional trauma and racism. Try to not allow yourself to be consumed or defined by fear.

Try and create a plan in these times of crises to sustain your well-being. This is my personal guide to maintaining my own positivity:. I try my best to maintain a sense of gratitude, even through these unprecedented times. I choose to set boundaries. For me, focusing on self-awareness and expanding my consciousness around my emotions has helped me cope immensely. Here are some steps you can follow: Sit down or go on a walk somewhere quiet.

Focus on the breath and examine what you feel. Do you have pain or aches in your muscles? Does your chest feel tight or heavy? What thoughts are going through your mind?

my personal revolution has begun. i will

Allow yourself to be comfortable with your discomfort. Take care of yourself in a way that allows you to practice self-love. And I know that there will be good times and bad times but no matter what, we got this! I love you, future me! Acknowledge and observe your emotions and appreciate your heart that feels this emotion.

From my experience, there is nothing more powerful than using your own voice to encourage yourself through these challenging times.

my personal revolution has begun. i will

You must practice believing in yourself and understanding that you are a culmination of moments and success stories that have led you to this moment. In each moment, allow yourself to feel your emotions, and remember that they are only emotions — they are not you.

Do your best to not judge yourself or others. Remove yourself from the captivity of expectations. Try and resolve to live your life in a state of authentic allowing. Seek moments of laughter and joy with open arms and allow yourself to revel in the mental space that you occupy. Smile and know you are a work in progress, growing in each moment, a unique work, a divine design. You are loved. Kai Koerber 6 days ago.You are an amazing trail blazer, and have been so much help to me in my own journey.

Congratulations on this success, you deserve it! Congratulations to your book! I live in Germany and would love to get your book.

Will it be available in online shops like amazon. Greetings, Olga. Hi Olga, Yes, My book will be available on Amazon. Dana, how awesome. Thanks for all the advocating that you do for children. I can not wait to get this book.

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I know it will be amazing. I am a budding unschooler and can't wait to read your book to help me with my family's unschooling journey. Shall keep checking Amazon for when its available. I would love to pick your brain sometime on how you got a publisher and such.

my personal revolution has begun. i will

My son and I wrote a story that we would like to get published for mass production. It is his take on Santa. Once again Congratulations!!!! Congratulations Dayna! I'm ready to expand my personal library of unschooling books and I will definitely be adding yours.

Just like Joie, I would also like to know your publishing story! Congrats again! Post a Comment.If you are a progressive-minded college student or any progressive-minded person, for that matter like myself, I bet your blood is boiling like mine.

Nothing gets me more worked up than hearing those phrases, or variations on it. There is a belief that just because we are young, and have progressive, often radical, views on the world, that we just cannot grasp the concept of adulthood -- the idea that one day we will just conform to the establishment. I have news for those people: I hate the establishment, and I will not hold my tongue cue the eye rolls of many adults everywhere.

Why should I like the establishment? Everyone is so quick to say that I just do not understand, but maybe those people do not understand us.

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I have seen what establishment policies can do. I witnessed the complete collapse of the automotive industry, and saw how poorly structured the bailouts were. I have seen college tuition rise to astronomical levels, crippling anyone who dares educate himself or herself. In addition, we have been living in an age of political corruption that suffocates the voices of every average American.

I like to consider myself a calm and collected person, but I am not staying quiet about this. And I have the feeling that my generation is right behind me.

We are finally standing up and declaring our beliefs, and we are scaring the living daylight out of the current establishment. Our fight does not end with Bernie Sanders, our knight in shining armor helping us bridge the gap from politics and our progressive generation. It continues, as we demand our rights as Americans. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey.

The Revolution Has Already Begun…

This is not a valid email, please try again. University education should be a right to everyone, and it should be free. Do not tell us that it is poor economics, and that we just do not understand.

It is economically feasible. Pay every employee a living wage. The Fight for 15 has been a great cause across the United States, and has been massively successful in cities where it was employed, such as Seattle.Let me backtrack a few days to a time when it was Friday.

The 3 hour drive south from Edmonton to Calgary was relaxing and uneventful. Yours truly was elected as a delegate for my riding in Edmonton.

A Royal Family, Episode 4: Love and Revolution (Documentary)

But my motive was not solely related to helping overturn the current socialist left government which grabbed power in Alberta back in No, my motive was more personal and specific to the objectives and mandates which have been organically developing within Philosophy of Metrics POM for over 3 years now. First on the agenda in Calgary was a business lunch with my big mining customer. Meeting at a place called the Swine and Sow such an Alberta name we went through the usual laundry list of friendly action items and began conversing about some more personal matters.

The first question he asked was why I was in Calgary for the weekend. Fair enough. We both agreed that if we performed as poorly as government in our careers we would have been skidded and replaced a long time ago. Efficiency and return on investment are the cornerstones of what we do every day and every week.

Through safe and productive work practices we manage towards profitability and meeting pre-determined objectives. Having the opportunity to work beside, and learn from, some of the best people in the mining industry in the world has been the backbone of my own personal and professional development.

At times it almost feels like an extended family of likeminded individuals who share cultural and socioeconomic characteristics. It has truly contributed to the hardworking, ethical and strategic person I have grown to become.

One other benefit is that it has provided me the skill of sniffing out BS and insincerity in those who come in and out of my world. The intelligent and down-to-earth people in mining are some of the best in the world.

Hands down. Parting ways I headed off to check into the hotel and get my delegate badge at the convention registration. This was going to be a new experience for me but one which was much needed as I continue developing the wisdom of the POM brand and further define the seedling mandates and platform of the Republican Party of Canada RPC.

Since starting POM many have messaged me privately and made comments within the community regarding actions which can be taken to regain control of our political and economic sovereignty. The traditional responses I have given were always focused on our own personal responsibilities and accountabilities.

It is easy for us to point the finger and blame governments or banks for the faults and troubles in our world. I have been, and continue to be, reluctant to run down that rabbit hole for the same reason as I push all conversation towards inward reflection.

The reason is simple. We are all humans with the same pattern of corruption, incompetence, and predisposition to seek out gain for selfish reasons.

The Political Revolution of Canada has Begun

Blaming others for the same negative and destructive characteristics as ourselves is tantamount to a sort of treasonous cultural self-exploitation.

The differences between us and them are found in the socioeconomic level which we find ourselves as opposed to the method. Those further up the ladder are better positioned to take advantage of the inherent deficiencies in the system than those near the bottom with less means.

The difference between us and them is one of means and not character traits. We are all corrupting to varying degrees and levels. Some of this corruption is conscious while some are unconscious, or subconscious if you will. The statements above are broad and meant to convey the average generalization from a high altitude and are not targeted at you as an individual.

Here there are two conservative parties. One is the old elitist PC party and the other is the Wildrose Party.Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you in good health and spirits, and that you are holding up as the pandemic continues. It seems to me that the group was doing the right thing, the responsible thing to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. The government should take a look at what real people are doing.

They might learn something.

Has the Revolution Begun?

In Maine, the governor, Janet Mills, has a phased reopening of the state. In the first phase she is allowing nail and hair salons and like businesses to open with her recommended precautions. He charges the government is interfering with his right to earn money.

The logic of governor Mills defies logic. More often than not, citizens will do the right thing, the responsible thing without government intervention. The flip side though is that there are some people who need the government for answers to all their questions. Go figure. These two examples are being repeated countless times across this country.

The Revolution Has Begun

How bad is this pandemic? In my estimation the governor Mills realizes she cannot control the backwoods Mariners if she forces the issue. It is interesting to note that today she updated her policy when retailers could open in most of the state. This afternoon it was announced that I can open my business on Monday… my outlook had improved although it is going to be tough sledding ahead still. What is interesting is the Paul Lepage had now arrived back in the state!

Your email address will not be published. Is this pandemic a prelude to a revolution? To comment on this post, please see below. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Next Next post: Teacher Appreciation.Some years ago, Sports Illustrated ran a telling piece on the rise of the explosive, wide open offenses that had come to dominate football.

So you have to go to double coverage, and that weakens you against the run.

my personal revolution has begun. i will

This simply generates more offense than any defense can handle. So, at least on the surface, football was not so different in than it is now; indeed, a football game from looks more or less like a modern gamein contrast with the old timey reels primordial rugby roots.

Yet all agreed football strategy and tactics will change over the next fifty years, but the iterative give-and-take of offense versus defense means that predicting specific future strategies is almost impossible. Instead, the key is to look at what trends have and will continue to affect all technical trades, from medicine to engineering, as football coaching will continue to evolve in response to those same trends. Football is governed as much by arithmetic and geometry as it is by physics: There are only a finite number of ways to arrange twenty-two players on a plane, particularly after factoring in rules that further limit the number of possible tactics.

So there is a limited universe of conceivable pass coverages, route combinations, and run blocking schemes; someone somewhere has, more or less, already thought of everything. But football is also governed by physics, and arguably no part of the game has changed more than the size and speed of the players themselves. And while purists might resist, the size of the field is arbitrary and no other change could more subtly open up the game with potential safety benefits than expanding the width of the field.

But these are the kinds of decisions that will be made not so much on the field as they are in conference rooms during NFL committee and owners meetings. The more intriguing question is how coaches will adapt to the future. Countless hours of film study and charting of tendencies results in gameplans with multifarious formations, personnel groupings, audibles and packaged plays plays that combine two plays concepts into one play that take those old, timeless, immutable ideas and remix them week after week, tailored for the opponent on that day.

A major driver of this has been the rise of a well-paid, highly skilled workforce. Inprofessional football is a highly paid, year-round affair, and players can dedicate the time and resources to mastering a complex array of assignments and techniques. But the other driver of change is the same ones affecting nearly every business: the march of progress in the form of better technology and modes of communication.

Indeed, I have an embarrassingly large collection of football cut-ups on VHS tapes, as that was the currency coaches used to trade All game footage even just ten years ago. Now, every play from each NFL and college game is sorted, categorized and uploaded to the cloud almost immediately after the game, so that coaches and players can begin watching only third down passes or only first down blitzes as soon as they are on the bus or plane ride home.

The world his son coaches in is very different. Film technology and the whole teaching and being able to do cutups and I do something and I can share it with somebody else. If somebody else does the work, they can share it with me. Coaching is about teaching, and the more effectively you can teach, the more complexity players can handle.

The study of old playbooks—historically the crucial method of transmitting football strategy from coach to player—provides a fascinating window into how football teaching methods have changed over time. In ye olden days, most plays were drawn up on the field or on chalkboards, but coaches eventually began reducing them to organized presentations: the playbook. But many of these were still hand drawn and carbon copied, resulting in grainy, often hard to decipher but a vast improvement over the lack of information before.

By the mids playbooks were almost always created on typewriters with the plays themselves drawn by hand on a pre-set diagram of the field. In the s the quality—and size—of the playbooks continued to grow until, whoosh: the traditional playbook largely vanished.

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Sure, many coaches have playbooks sitting in drawers and they often put them together just for their own staffs, but the days of handing out a page three-ring binder on the first day of training camp has effectively ended. And of course, there's increased security, as these tablets can be remotely wiped if a player loses it. As technology has gotten better so has the teaching, which has had a direct effect on the quality and complexity of the strategy we see on the field.

There is important work being done now for game decisions, like whether to punt or go for it on fourth down, and NFL teams are just scratching the surface in integrating player evaluation with economic modeling to allocate salary cap value among players and positions, but the rise of tracking technology promises something potentially truly game changing: a revolution of the entire gameplaning process.

To date, so-called analytics or data based approaches—other than basic charting of tendencies—has had very little real world impact on strategy: coaches teach blocking, tackling and catching, draw up plays to beat coverages, and largely ignore external analyses.

But, over the next 50 years, tracking technology is likely to bridge this gap between coaches and data-crunchers which will lead to several innovations in how teams prepare their gameplans and even call plays.

Was a linebacker slow to react to a run? This is a a potentially huge improvement over an assistant coach watching film and giving each player a plus or a minus for each play. I know of several teams currently working on these sorts of tools. The next one is to use tracking technology to create a true-to-life computer model of every player, from real game speed to agility to reaction time, and then to load that information into an accurate football game engine.

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